027 – How to Write Product Bullet Points that Sell

Besides your product title, your bullet points are the most-read written copy about your product.

Good bullet points are an essential ingredient of product detail pages that convert visitors into buyers.

To get a fuller picture of creating great product detail pages, also listen to last week’s episode, Episode 26, in which we talked about how to create product images, as well as Episode 19 where we talked about how to write the perfect product title.

Introductory Tips for Your Bullet Points

  1. Use all 5 bullets Amazon allows you. Be aware of character limits – could be 100 characters, could be 200, could be 500 or something else, depending on the category and Amazon’s ever-changing guidelines.
  2. Include your next-most-important keywords in your bullets (most important keywords are in your title)
  3. Write in terms of benefits, not features. Use the [BENEFIT] because [FEATURE] format

A Framework for Writing Great Bullets

Like last week’s episode on product images, we’re going to use Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework (from his book Building a StoryBrand) as a guide for deciding what to put in our bullet points.

His framework is based on the idea that every great story has the same basic story line. If you weave this story line into your marketing, you give customers and easy grid for understanding what you offer and how it can help them.

Here is the story line of every great story, according to Miller:

  • A character (your customer, not your brand, is the hero of the story)
  • Has a problem
  • And meets a guide (you are the guide)
  • Who gives them a plan
  • And calls them to action
  • That helps them avoid failure
  • And ends in a success

The StoryBrand Framework Applied to Product Bullet Points

Here are some of the main points from Miller’s framework that can (and should) be incorporated in your bullet points.

  • Major on the customer’s problem(s) that your product solves – both external, internal, and philosophical problems. Tip: Whatever features of your product solve the biggest problems customers have with your competitors’ products, especially make sure to highlight these in your bullet points.
  • Empathy and authority show customers the guide (that’s you) is qualified to help them. Don’t spend an entire bullet on yourself as the guide, but do weave in words that show you understand how the customer feels. Whatever awards or certifications your product has, slip those in as well.
  • The agreement plan is important to talk about in one of your bullets. This is where you take away risk for the customer by letting them know about a warranty or money-back guarantee you offer.
  • Call to action – tell customers to buy now and start experiencing the benefits of solving their problem.
  • When you provide the call to action, show customers how purchasing your product will help them avoid failure and end in success.

Amazon-Specific Guidelines for Bullet Points

  • Read Amazon’s Style Guides
  • Don’t use seller-specific information such as “free shipping”
  • Don’t talk about the price
  • Do start each bullet with a capital letter
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS or hyphens, periods, or exclamation points

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