Ways We Can Help

Are you a brand needing to fully outsource your selling on Amazon or other online platforms? Are you a business owner or brand executive looking for some great information and training so you can take it and run with it in-house? Are you not sure, or do you fall somewhere in between?

Whatever the case, we can help you increase sales of your products and make more money online!

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Here are some ways we can help:

Option 1: Provide Fully Done-For-You Management of Your Brand’s Amazon Selling

Maybe you know that Amazon is too much work for your brand to manage and that you need to outsource your Amazon management to a trusted partner.

Maybe you recognize that it makes way more sense to let a specialist grow your Amazon sales, rather than fumbling around yourself and losing piles of money in missed potential sales each month.

Whatever the case, we understand. Click here to apply to become a client.

Option 2: Provide Marketing Campaigns, Product Detail Page Creation, Brand Protection, and Other Projects

Does your brand manage its own Amazon presence, but you need help with one or more of the following?

  • Growing your sales or launching new products
  • Adding new products to your Amazon catalog, or cleaning up and improving existing product detail pages
  • Registering your brand with Amazon or adding Enhanced Brand Content to your product pages, such as unlocking additional images/branding or adding product videos
  • Protecting or reclaiming your product pages from hijackers, unauthorized sellers, or MAP violators
  • Getting more reviews
  • Other projects and services

This is the world we live in, and we can help! To request our services, click here.

Option 3: Provide High-Level eCommerce Consulting

If you would like to purchase one-on-one consulting services in order to get expertise help and insight in whatever areas you want to grow, we offer the following options:

  • Hire me for phone consultations on an hourly basis. The cost is $250 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments, with a minimum of one hour billed.
  • Hire me for an all-day, one-on-one mastermind meeting. This is an 8-hour intensive consulting session at the location of your choice. Cost is $2,000 per day if done at my location, or $2,500 per day, plus travel expenses, if done at your location.

To request consulting services, send a message through our contact form.

Option 4: Provide Education and Resources So You Can Do the Work Yourself

If you’re a business owner or brand executive wanting to learn how to successfully sell on Amazon so you can do it yourself, here are some resources we’ve prepared to help you:

Option 5: The Best Place to Start

If you’re not sure which of the above solutions will best fit your company, I recommend you start with the Amazon Power Profit Review™. This is a thorough, 54-point customized review of your brand’s current Amazon presence and the 5 most important steps you can take right away to increase your sales and improve your brand’s presence on Amazon.

The Amazon Power Profit Review™ includes a 45-minute phone consultation to go over the results of your review, and it also includes a free copy of my book 10 Proven Ways to Ignite Your Amazon Sales.

Based on the results of your review, you can decide whether it makes more sense to keep your Amazon sales and marketing in-house or to outsource it.

Here’s Why There’s No Risk:

I guarantee you’ll receive actionable steps you can use to grow your sales, as well as a guide for doing it (my book that is included for free). If I can’t clearly show you how to increase your Amazon sales, you get all your money back.

Furthermore, if you decide after your review to hire us to manage your Amazon selling, the price you paid for your review will be applied toward the services you hire us for.

To order your Amazon Power Profit Review, click here:

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