034 – 7 Ways to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2018

What is Amazon Prime Day?

  • Kind of like “Christmas in July” for Amazon
  • Usually takes place 2nd Tuesday in July
  • Thousands of deals
  • Sign up new Prime members
  • “Tens of millions” of Prime members made purchases in 2017
  • 2017 Prime Day was Amazon’s biggest sales day in history to that point, with total sales beating 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined
  • In 2018 deals are expected to extend a week or two before and after Prime Day

7 Ways to Prepare for Prime Day 2018

  1. Determine your strategy
    • Specific products you want to promote?
    • Make a profit or break even?
    • Increase Best Seller Rank?
    • Grow your customer base?
    • Get rid of overstock inventory or products you are discontinuing?
  2. Stock up on inventory!
    • Use Fulfillment by Amazon
    • Ship NOW to Amazon fulfillment centers! This week!
    • Plan not just for Prime Day, but for a halo effect of increased sales afterwards
    • Not just products you are specifically promoting during Prime Day
  3. Schedule Sales and Promotions
  4. Optimize your brand presence and product detail pages
    • Add Amazon Storefront
    • Add Enhanced Brand Content
    • Keyword optimization
    • Detail page optimization: titles, images, bullets, etc.
  5. Beef Up Your Advertising Campaigns
    • Add more campaigns
    • Add more keywords
    • Test HSA text
    • Increase bids
    • Use Bid+
  6. Drive outside traffic to your Prime Deals from your social media or email list
  7. Have a good post-purchase email sequence in place

Need Help Getting Ready for Prime Day?

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