030 – Transparency by Amazon: A Product Authenticity and Supply Chain Game Changer?

Amazon Transparency is currently being rolled out, and it has the potential to have a significant impact for brands that are fighting product authenticity and supply chain issues.

What is Transparency?

  • New program launched in 2017
  • Piloted with just a few dozen brands
  • Brands purchase 2D barcodes to place on their products (unique 26-digit alphanumeric code)
    • Each barcode is unique
    • Each individual unit of product gets its own barcode
    • Barcodes cost $0.01 to $0.05
  • If a product has been registered with Transparency, any unit of that product that shows up at an Amazon fulfillment center without the Transparency barcode will be refused
  • Consumers can scan the barcode with their Amazon app to learn about the product
  • Currently invitation-only
  • Currently only available in North America
  • Supposed to be getting rolled out more broadly in 2018
    • Amazon has a number of job postings for the program listed on its job posting website

How Transparency Benefits Consumers

  • Be assured that the items you’re purchasing are authentic
  • Find out additional information about items you purchase
    • Learn the manufacturing date and location of the product
    • Learn additional details, such as the product’s materials or ingredients

How Transparency Benefits Amazon

  • Much more effective way to deal with the rampant counterfeit product issues
  • Makes Amazon the product authenticity clearinghouse – customers of other retail outlets still scan Amazon codes with the Amazon app for product information

How Transparency Benefits Brands

  • Gives stronger protections against counterfeit products
  • Creates the opportunity to track products through your supply chain, allowing you to identify the leaks where unauthorized sellers are gaining access to your products and selling them on Amazon

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