028 – 5 Tips for Better Amazon Product Descriptions

Product descriptions, though not the #1 most important aspect of a product detail page, serve several important functions nonetheless.

Rather than struggling with what to put in your product description, follow these tips for improving your product descriptions and converting more visitors into customers!

Product Detail Page Podcast Series

This episode concludes a series of recent episodes teaching how to optimize various aspects of your product detail pages:

Episode 19 gives 10 tips for product titles.
Episode 26 teaches how to create images that trigger customers to buy.
Episode 27 shows how to write product bullet points that sell.

And this episode, #28, is all about your product description!

Amazon Guidelines

Amazon guidelines change from time to time, but currently you are allowed 2,000 bytes for your your product description. With spaces, this comes out to about 1,900 characters.

5 Tips for Better Product Descriptions

  1. Make the content easy to digest by adding structure to it:
    • Use Enhanced Brand Content if your brand is registered with Amazon.
    • If your brand isn’t registered, use html tags to structure the text
      • Short paragraphs
      • Bold text
      • Bullet lists
  1. Cover elements of the StoryBrand SB7 framework:
    • Speak to the customers needs:
      • External need
      • Internal need
      • Philosophical need
    • Establish trust as the customer’s guide:
      • Empathy – show you understand how the customer feels
      • Authority – mention awards, certifications, etc. related to your product or company
    • Give the customer a plan:
      • Process plan – tell them to buy now, and tell them what will happen next when they do
      • Agreement plan – warranty or money-back guarantee for risk-reversal
  2. Tell a story…literally
    • Use descriptive language to transport readers to a place where your product is being used, then let their imaginations take over
    • Tell a story of one customer not using your product and experiencing failure and another customer using it and experiencing success
    • For inspiration, read product descriptions on the J. Peterman Company website, such as this one and this one
  3. Include as many of the keywords as possible that you haven’t used elsewhere
  4. Include any important features or specifications that you haven’t included in your bullets and that will be important to some customers