049 – What to Know About Sending Inventory to Amazon FBA

Use Amazon-Partnered Carrier Rates

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  • See whether FedEx or UPS is cheaper

Don’t Game the System!

According to a recent announcement, Amazon may suspend your ability to ship to FBA if you cancel shipments that are part of a multi-shipment shipping plan, or if you misroute shipments or send incomplete shipments.

Shipping case-packed product is one way to avoid having to split up so much product to different locations.

Anecdotally I have noticed that the larger the shipment, the more Amazon seems to have you send it to a single location, and one that is closer to you.

Monthly Long-Term Storage Fees Are Now in Effect


Amazon now assesses long-term storage fees on the 15th of every month, rather than just twice a year. This means that you want to make sure your inventory keeps turning over and doesn’t sit for months, or you’ll pay some hefty long-term storage fees.

You can read Amazon’s policy here.

Long-Term Storage Fee Reimbursement Promotion

Amazon doesn’t want their new long-term storage fee policy to be a deterrent to brands launching new products, so they recently announced a special promotion.

If you list a new product between now and November 30th, and your inventory arrives in Amazon’s fulfillment centers no later than November 5th, then Amazon will reimburse long-term storage fees on the qualifying products until they have been in the fulfillment center for more than 365 days.

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