051 – Rolling a Powerful Marketing Snowball with Social Contests

This episode is about using social contests (such as giveaway sweepstakes) to generate ever-growing online reach and traction for your brand.

This relates to an interview of my friend Phillip I did on the podcast a few months back in Episode 17: How Phillip Built a Launch Email List of 2700 with No Paid Traffic.

The Premise

People love contests and giveaways! You can grow your audience and grow your brand’s reach significantly by stacking giveaway contests, one on top of anther, week after week.

One way to do this is to offer a giveaway drawing (sweepstakes) where you give away a gift that your very best prospective customers are likely to want to win.

Give them entries in your contest for taking actions like joining your email list, viewing your social media, inviting friends to enter the drawing, and posting about you on social media.

When you do this week after week, your results grow as you have an ever-widening circle of people entering your contests and telling their friends about them.

The Software

For ease, for effective social sharing features, and for legal compliance, I recommend you use third-party software to run your contests. We use Gleam, but there are many others out there as well.

The Assets

In the case study I shared on the podcast episode, here are the assets we used to promote the contest:

  • Gleam
  • $192 in paid ad spend on Facebook
  • A prize package that cost about $30, with a retail value of around $60
  • An email list of 833 subscribers
  • A Manychat list of Facebook Messenger subscribers of 988 people
  • A Facebook page with about 2,500 likes
  • An Instagram profile with 403 followers

The Results

Here are the results we got with the contest:

  • 420 new email subscribers
  • 151 new Facebook Messenger subscribers through ManyChat
  • 625 Facebook page likes
  • 156 new Instagram followers
  • 44 mentions on Twitter (with links to the contest page on the website)
  • A few other posts on social media promoting the brand and linking back to it
  • A few sales tied directly to the campaign traffic, generating about $150 in profit

What’s Next?

This was the second in a series of giveaways like this that we’ll be doing for this particular brand, running right up until Cyber Week. We’re excited to have a large audience to promote Cyber Week sales to by the time it rolls around!

Let’s Help YOU

Want our detailed checklist that we use for setting up social contests through Gleam? Or want us to help make sure you’re ready to roll and not overlooking any big opportunities as the holidays approach? Need help improving sales online, dealing with issues related to Amazon, making sure you’re not wasting advertising money unnecessarily, or with anything else? Book a consultation today!