033 – 8 Must-Have Pages on Your Ecommerce Website

Beyond your home page, product details pages, category pages, and cart and checkout pages, there are a few other pages you should have on your e-commerce website.

These pages will only be by a minority of your visitors, but those visitors are very warm traffic! Provide them the info they’re looking for so you can convert them into buyers.

On each of the additional info pages on your site, use 3 different communication mediums:

  • Written Text
  • Images
  • Videos

8 Must-Have Pages on Your E-Commerce Website

  1. About Us
    • One of the most visited additional info pages on your website
    • Include the info from your Welcome Video
    • Photos of your team, manufacturing process, etc.
    • Tie it back to the customer…how will you solve their problem?
  2. Contact Us
    • Email contact form
    • Phone number (include tap to call link)
    • Physical address
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Define expectations for responding to messages
  3. Why Buy from Us
    • Present the same content from your Why Buy from Us video
    • What makes you unique and different?
    • How does this help solve the customer’s pain?
    • What is your unique selling proposition?
    • Build trust through empathy and authority
  4. Shipping and Returns
    • Keep it very concise
    • Clearly let people know what to expect
    • At least 30 day return window
  5. FAQs
    • Include FAQs about your business as a whole, as well as about specific products
  6. Post-Purchase Resources
    • How-to’s and Instructions
    • Supplemental content
    • Warranty information
  7. Privacy Policy
    • Legally required
    • Explains what information you collect about site visitors, and how you use and handle that information
    • Especially important with the new GDPR regulations if you have any European visitors whatsoever.
  8. Terms and Conditions
    • Legally required
    • All the legal info…disclaimer, limit of liability, etc.

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