032 – 10 Must-Have Elements on Your Ecommerce Website

How do you build trust with people who visit your website? How do you convince them to buy your products?

Whether you use Shopify or Woo Commerce or something else, today we talk about some of the most important elements you should definitely have on your e-commerce website in order to give customers the best experience and to increase conversions.

3 Distinct Roles Needed for Building a Website

  1. Developer – This is the coding person, the technically-skilled person “under the hood” who actually puts all the elements of the site together and makes it function properly.
  2. Designer – This is a more artistic person who knows how to lay out the website in a way that looks interesting and attractive. Some people have both design and development skills, but typically a designer is not necessarily a good developer, and a developer is not necessarily a good designer.
  3. Marketer – This is the most critical role, and it’s the one that far too often gets overlooked. Most developers and designers are NOT marketers. This unfortunately means that they can build you a beautiful site that works perfectly…but doesn’t generate nearly the sales volume it should. You MUST have a marketer overseeing your website…someone who understands what the message is and what elements of the site must be in place in order to effectively generate sales.

10 Must-Have Elements on Your Ecommerce Website

  1. Customer Service Phone Number – in the header, upper right, big and bright
  2. Video
    • Product videos
    • Firestone Footer – Welcome Video & Why Buy from Us
    • Post Opt-In Video – thank people for joining your list and tell them what to expect
    • Post Purchase Video – thank people for purchasing and tell them what happens next
  3. Social Proof
    • Reviews and Testimonials
    • Social integration – links to your social media sites, as well as pulling content (especially user-generated content) from your social media over to your website
  4. Authority Marks – payment logos and seals, shipping logos, certifications, security, awards, etc.
  5. Live Chat – have an easily accessible button on every page to pop up a live chat box…if you don’t have the manpower for live chat, then have the button pop up a contact form
  6. Lead Capture Mechanism – make sure you have a strong call to action for getting people on your email list or Facebook Messenger list…be sure to include an exit-intent popup
  7. Search Bar in the Header – Amazon and other ecommerce giants have trained customers to expect a search bar in the header…people who search are far more likely to buy, and you gain valuable insights from what people search
  8. Facebook and Google Retargeting Pixels – make sure you’re set up to re-target site visitors with ads elsewhere…even if you’re not running re-targeting ads right now, at very least have the pixels installed so you have a list ready to go when you start running ads
  9. Free Shipping Notices – offer free shipping either on every order or at least for orders that reach a certain total…announce this on a bar across the top of your site, as well as on your product detail pages close to the add to cart button
  10. Guarantee – at minimum offer a 30-day, no hassle, money back guarantee…communicate this prominently on your product detail pages near the add to cart button

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