043 – Intro to E-commerce Analytics: What Should You Pay Attention To?

Most companies have some kind of tracking in place to provide information about people visiting their website. But a lot of businesses don’t ever check this data, and even fewer businesses, even if they do check the data, know what to look for and how to read their analytics.

In this podcast episode my brother Daniel and I discuss the basic analytics points that you should be checking regularly and how to do it without taking tons of time and energy.

What Tracking Technology Should You Have Installed on Your Website?

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Broadly Speaking, What to Pay Attention To:

  • Number of visitors/impressions
  • How many conversions
  • Cost per conversion

General Tips and Principles:

  • Be aware of factors that might skew your data (such as company employees visiting your website)
  • If something seems off, it’s probably off…pay attention to your guy and what you know to be true
  • Averages lie…always dig deeper

Remember: If you’re spending a lot of money on advertising, paying attention to even basic analytics can make a difference of thousands of dollars in your ad budget and in your sales. So read your analytics!

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