036 – How to Write a Plan of Action for Amazon

Whether your Amazon seller account has been suspended, you’ve had a product suspended, or you’ve simply received a performance notification requesting a Plan of Action, writing an effective POA is critical when Amazon requests one!

A Plan of Action needs to be a concise, point-by-point written explanation of why a problem occurred and what steps you have taken to fix it and to ensure it never happens again.

What NOT to do:

  • Don’t hit reply immediately after receiving a performance notification
  • Don’t waste time trying to get Seller Support to tell you what the problem is
  • Don’t write a long, rambling message
  • Don’t bring emotion into your reply
  • Don’t shift blame away from yourself whatsoever…don’t blame customers, your suppliers, Amazon, a competitor, or anyone else
  • Don’t try and get Amazon to take action against malicious competitors…not yet
  • Don’t complain about Amazon policies and procedures
  • Don’t write to Jeff…unless it is absolutely, positively your last resort after exhausting every other avenue

What to do:

  • Be sure to reply
  • Do your homework and identify the problem
  • Embrace the opportunity to improve your products, systems, processes
  • Be professional and courteous
  • Write clearly and concisely…focus on objective facts and actions
  • Make it easy to read…use lots of bullet points, not long paragraphs and blocks of text
  • Identify exactly what caused the problem…don’t state what the problem is, but why it happened
  • Take full responsibility for the problem, and do not make excuses…even if you don’t believe it was your fault
  • State in a very clear numbered list the specific actions you have taken to rectify the problem
  • Consider holding just a little bit back, in case Amazon asks for more information
  • Make sure you follow through and consistently implement the actions outlined in your action plan
  • Report abuse by competitors only after you have been reinstated
  • When in doubt, hire a 3rd party with expertise in dealing with Amazon suspensions

Need Help?

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