045 – How to Test New Product Ideas Without Spending a Fortune

The internet has changed the way things are launched…whether books, radio shows, physical products, or a host of other things.

You don’t need to take big, expensive risks of new products anymore. Platforms like Amazon and Facebook give you very inexpensive ways to test the market and know whether a product is going to sell before you ever produce it!

4 Inexpensive Ways to Test a New Product Idea

  1. Test Amazon listing to check traffic volume and level of competition
  2. Facebook ad to see how well people respond…use variations to see which one people respond to the best
  3. Run a focus group with people from your existing audience
    • Allows you to get real, honest feedback
    • Creates a pool of interested customers…allows you to get buy-in
  4. Ask your manufacturer what else they’re producing that’s selling well right now

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