003 – How to Make Sure Your Product Appears in Amazon Search Results

You want to sell as much of your product as possible on Amazon. But if your product isn’t appearing everywhere it should appear in Amazon search results, I can guarantee that you’re missing out on sales you would otherwise be making.

In today’s episode I’ll show you how to make sure your product is appearing in relevant Amazon search results.

2 Things That Must Happen for Your Product to Appear in Amazon Search Results

  1. Whatever words a customer searches must appear somewhere in your product listing.
  2. The words must not only appear in your product listing, but Amazon must be indexing your listing for the search term(s) in question.

Why Are Keywords So Important?

Most Amazon customers find your product by doing a search.

Example: A customer wants a cross-cut paper shredder that can shred credit cards and staples, so they might search:

Paper shredder
Cross cut paper shredder
Shredder that shreds credit cards
Cross cut shredder for staples

If the words they search for aren’t found in your product listing AND indexed by Amazon, your product will not show up in search results.

7 Steps to Make Sure Your Product Shows Up in Search Results for Relevant Keywords

  1. Come up with a list of relevant keywords for your product.
  2. Put the most important keywords in your product title.
  3. Put as many of the remaining important keywords that don’t fit in your title into your bullet points.
  4. Put whatever keywords you naturally can fit into your product description.
  5. Any keywords that don’t fit in your title, bullet points, or product description, put in the ‘Search Terms’ fields in the back end of your listing.
    • 5 fields, 50 characters per field, not including spaces and punctuation, for a total of 250 characters
    • Don’t repeat words that are in your product title or bullet points
    • No punctuation needed
    • List each word only once
  6. Make sure your product is being indexed for each of the search terms on your list.
    • You can check manually – do a search for your ASIN + keyword in the Amazon search bar
    • You can use a tool to check automatically – Sellics has a free keyword indexing tool at http://sonar-tool.com/check-index
  7. Add any keywords on your list that aren’t being indexed to the Search Terms field in the back end of your listing, even if they appear in the front end of your listing. Wait an hour, then check again.

If You Need More Help with Your Keywords

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