026 – How to Create Product Images that Trigger Customers to Buy

In Episode 23, Daniel and I discussed Donald Miller’s excellent book Building a Story Brand.

Now I’m going to show you how to use Story Brand as a framework for creating excellent product images that make customers want to buy.

The Story Brand Framework Applied to Product Images

A character has a problem:

  • External Problem – They need what you’re selling in order to solve their problem…so clearly show what your product is and what problem it solves.
  • Internal Problem – Use images to speak to the emotional experience the customer wants to have. Show customers having the desired emotional experience because of your product.
  • Philosophical Problem – Use images to speak to a “should” or “ought to” that the customer feels. For example, “You shouldn’t have to spend 15 minutes in a drive-through to get a good cup of coffee.”

And meets a guide:

  • Empathy – show that you understand how the customer feels
  • Authority – show that you’re capable of solving their problem…awards, certifications, testimonials, etc.

Who gives them a plan:

  • Process plan – here is how you assemble or use this product
  • Agreement plan – let them know about a warranty or money-back guarantee

And calls them to action:

  • Use an image or a text overlay on images to tell customers to buy now and start experiencing the benefits of solving their problem

That helps them avoid failure and end in success:

  • You could do an image that shows the failure on one side with a big red X over it, and the success on the other side with a big green checkmark. Find a way to visually communicate customers experiencing success instead of the failure they would have otherwise experienced.

Tips About Product Images in General

  • Make sure they’re great…don’t skimp on photography!
  • Well-lit, high resolution, clearly show all important parts and aspects of your product
  • Good image editing (background removal, retouching, adding graphics, etc.) is just as important as good photography
  • When hiring a photographer, ask to see their portfolio. The same goes for hiring a graphic designer.
  • Need a good product photographer? Contact us!

Some Tips About Amazon Images in Particular

  • Read Amazon’s image requirements
  • Make sure your main image has a pure white background
  • Make sure the product goes all the way to the edges of the image
  • The more square your main image is, the larger the area the thumbnail covers and the more the image stands out in AZ search results
  • AZ is strict about adding text, inset images, logos, etc. to your main product image, but you have a lot of latitude with your additional images
  • With many categories you get 9 images…use them all!