048 – Exciting Changes to Amazon’s Advertising Offerings

Reminder #1: The deadline is September 21st to submit lightning deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Rebranding and Consolidation of Amazon’s Advertising Products

All Amazon’s advertising products are being combined under one new advertising home called Amazon Advertising.

You can find it at advertising.amazon.com.

Sponsored Ads Is Now the Home of Both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Products is the way to put specific products in front of customers who are already searching for them.

Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) is the way to put your brand, including multiple products, in front of customers who are more generally interested in the category your brand relates to or in certain products related to your brand.

A Huge Breakthrough in Off-Amazon Ad Tracking: Amazon Attribution

Gain the ability to track the results you get from traffic you send from outside Amazon. Now you’ll be able to see how traffic you send from places like Facebook or your own website convert on Amazon.

This program is currently in closed beta. To learn more, visit amazon.com/amazonattribution.

Amazon introduces Sponsored Products Ads Retargeting (Extended Ad Network Beta)

This is another beta program from Amazon. It gives Sponsored Products advertisers who are running auto campaigns the ability to have their products shown on websites outside of Amazon to customers who viewed them but didn’t purchase, or to customers who viewed similar competitor products.

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