047 – 4 Amazon Ad Pitfalls to Avoid: Interview with Tyler Henderson of Seller Labs

Seller Labs is the creator of several excellent tools for Amazon sellers, such as Feedback Genius for sending automated emails to Amazon customers, Scope for doing keyword research, and Ignite for managing Sponsored Products campaigns.

In this week’s podcast episode I interview Tyler Henderson of Seller Labs and get some great insights from him about how to get the most out of Amazon Sponsored Products Ads campaigns. Tyler also shares 4 common pitfalls to avoid in Amazon advertising.

Tyler’s Tips for Advertising Campaign Strategy:

  • If you have the budget and you’re in discovery mode, weight your campaigns more heavily towards Auto campaigns in the beginning to get good data from Amazon.
  • Over time, shift what’s working from auto campaigns over to manual targeting.
  • Use negative filtering to remove what’s not working from auto campaigns.
  • When an auto campaign causes your ad to get displayed on a competitor’s product detail page, look at the competitor’s product page for more keywords you can target.
  • With continual optimization over time, you can see more and more of your auto campaign spend go to displaying your products on competitor’s detail pages.

4 Amazon Advertising Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. Using irrelevant keywords – Shoot for quality, not quantity, because having your ads displayed for irrelevant keywords wastes money and does you no good.
  2. Auto targeting cruise control – Don’t run auto campaigns that you never check or optimize, because you will waste a lot of money.
  3. Bidding too low – The lower you bid, the longer it will take you to get results and data. If you want good data fast, then make sure to bid high enough so competitors aren’t constantly outbidding you.
  4. Checking too often – Yes you have to keep a good watch on advertising campaigns, but if you check too often you’ll jump to conclusions without having enough supporting data.

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