012 – 8 Action Steps for Amazon Success in 2018

In this week’s podcast episode, we give you your playbook for success on Amazon in 2018! Do these 8 things, and do them well, and you will greatly increase your chances for a successful year.

  1. Decide on your Amazon selling strategy
    • Who will be allowed to sell your products on Amazon? Will your brand sell them through your own Seller Central account? Will you have one exclusive designated 3rd party seller? Will you sell directly to Amazon as a vendor? Clarify your strategy and then execute it…being unclear is not a strategy, it is a problem.
    • Clearly communicate your policies and get rid of unauthorized sellers and MAP violators
    • Listen to Episode 10 and Episode 11 of the podcast if you haven’t already – these episodes talk about your selling strategy and how to get rid of unauthorized sellers
  2. Register your brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry Program
  3. Add Enhanced Brand Content to your product descriptions
  4. Add video to your product detail pages (if your account is brand-registered, then you should get this ability soon if you don’t have it already)
  5. Set up email auto-responses that go out to your customers
    • Use a service such as Feedback Genius or Sales Backer (those aren’t affiliate links, but we do use and like Feedback Genius)
    • The purpose is to improve customer satisfaction, not to get more reviews…but a by-product of doing a good job with these emails is you’ll get more positive product reviews
    • You’ll have fewer returns
    • You’ll have fewer defect or not as described claims
  6. Set up or expand your paid advertising
    • If you’ve never used Sponsored Products Ads, start running a campaign
    • If you’re already successfully using SPA, then expand and further optimize your campaigns or add Headline Search Ads
  7. Improve your audience-building outside of Amazon
    • Get customers on a list, regularly engage with them, and give them reasons to go make purchases on Amazon
  8. Increase your organic search rankings on Amazon

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