006 – 5 Excellent Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand Registry is the process by which a business identifies itself to Amazon as the owner of its brand(s) and products. The business submits its intellectual property to Amazon for Amazon to keep on file. Amazon rolled out Brand Registry 2.0 in May of 2017.

Why Does Amazon Need Brand Registry?

Amazon has a significant problem with counterfeit products, as well as with one seller hijacking another seller’s product listing. Counterfeit products are a significant threat to Amazon, because they erode customer trust.

Counterfeit issues and other fraudulent activity have also created problems by angering brands and causing them to think twice about selling on Amazon. Birkenstock is one large brand that pulled out of Amazon in 2016 because they were no longer willing to tolerate these issues.

Brand Registry helps Amazon identify legitimate products and distinguish them from counterfeit products. It also helps Amazon sort out trademark infringement claims.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Brand Registry?

Besides the obvious reason that brand registry gives important protections to your brand on Amazon, registering your brand also gives you access to some great tools for better marketing your brand on Amazon.

I see Amazon becoming more and more brand-centric. They want the products being sold on their site to be offered by trusted brands. So they’re doing a lot to try and help brands right now, and you have a lot to gain by taking advantage of what Amazon is making available. I have no doubt that they are going to continue rolling out new features and benefits for registered brands.

5 Key Benefits of Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

  1. You gain a clear pathway to report trademark infringement and counterfeits of your product to Amazon and get them dealt with.
  2. You get priority for product detail page edits you submit. It makes it a lot harder for other sellers to come in and change your product titles, images, or other product details.
  3. You can add Enhanced Brand Content (images and additional formatting) to the product description area of your product detail pages.
  4. You can (or will soon be able to) add product videos to the product images area of your detail pages.
  5. You can create a branded storefront with multiple pages that showcases your product catalog. You also get a vanity url – a unique Amazon address for your store.

Amazon will continue rolling out more benefits to brand-registered accounts. They have already made Headline Search Ads available to brand-registered Seller Central accounts. That used to be an AMS benefit only available to vendors selling their products directly to Amazon.

How to Register Your Brand Through Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

Go to Amazon’s Brand Registry page and click the orange ‘Get Started’ button.

Alternately, if you have a Seller Central account, log in, click Storefront > Manage Stores, then scroll down and click either the ‘Register a Brand’ button or ‘Check brand registry’.

What Do You Need for Amazon Brand Registry?

  • An active trademark for your brand. The two types of trademarks Amazon accepts are Standard Character Mark and Typeset Word(s)/Letter(s)/Number(s). They will not accept a trademark that is Design Plus Words, Letters, and/or Numbers (in other words, a logo or other design).
  • Photos showing your logo appearing on your product and/or product packaging.
  • A website or social media account featuring your brand. This is not strictly required, but you might not get approved without it.

Once you submit your Brand Registry application, it can take anywhere from a day or two up to around a month for Amazon to get back to you. The next message you get from Amazon will be either an approval, a denial, or a request for additional information or clarification.

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