015 – The 3 Critical Phases of Brand Growth on Amazon

In this week’s episode I explain a framework for understanding what it takes to launch and grow a brand on Amazon.

This episode pairs well with Episode 014: The Magic Formula to Rank at the Top of Amazon Search Results, so be sure to listen to that one also.

Here are the 3 phases of growing a brand on Amazon:

Phase 1: Preparation

It’s critical to get everything in order before you start driving traffic to your products on Amazon. If you spend energy and money sending customers to your listings before these steps are completed, you’re just pouring water in a leaky bucket.

Important things to do during the preparation phase include:

  • Register your brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry.
  • Do proper keyword research.
  • Properly organize your catalog. Make sure you have no duplicate product listings, and correctly nest products with variants.
  • Create awesome product detail pages with excellent images, written copy, and Enhanced Brand Content.
  • Take measures to prevent MAP violations and unauthorized sellers.

Phase 2: Launch

Now that you have no leaks in your bucket, it’s time to start driving traffic to your product detail pages!

You must drive traffic and sales in order to demonstrate to Amazon that your products deserve to be ranked high in organic search results. Proactively driving as many sales as possible in an 8-day period is essential for gaining traction.

Phase 3: Growth

Once you’ve had a successful launch, it’s time to increase the capacity of your bucket by optimizing, increasing sales, and protecting the ground you’ve already taken.

Here are some of the things you want to do at this stage:

  • Use automatic emails to customers to increase customer satisfaction and encourage product reviews
  • Monitor your key seller metrics
  • Expand and optimize Sponsored Products Ad campaigns
  • Conduct ongoing keyword research to identify more keywords for which you can rank and get more sales
  • Monitor your listings for unauthorized sellers
  • Maintain and increase organic search rankings by continuing to bring traffic from outside Amazon to your product listings to purchase

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